Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More pencil sketching Japanese Bon Adori dancer, One from a dream and more.

Thanks for stopping in! I am still sketching and drawing as I am able to and thought I would share these.

I had a chance to take some pictures of some Bon Adori dancers recently. This is one of the ladies. One more detailed sketch and one of the same girl from a different angle and I think as a cartoon.

This one is from a dream I had. All the people on the street had huge hands and the bottom half of their bodies were slightly larger than normal. Who knows why you dream what you dream?

The top sketch on this next sketch page is one this one is from a video I saw on YouTube that I thought was pretty funny. I will add the video to this post also. "What American English Sounds Like to Non English Speakers"

This is the same video I mentioned, "What American English Sounds Like to Non English Speakers".

This last one I think is a bit risque, but not over the line, so I thought I would include it. It is from a public domain source I found.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Some more sketches, elf girls

So a couple of weekends ago I had occasion to see some young ladies dressed as elves. So my sketching turned into a plot of sorts, (as some of them do).
Not great I admit, but I wanted to get my musings down to remember.