Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our cat Bella's second birthday and a new banner in her honor.

It's our cat Bella's second birthday! So, I made a banner for my blog in her honor.
It's hard to believe she's two already. Her name is Bella because she was found in a box at the Taco Bell on one cold and blustery fall evening here in Oregon.
Bella is just as sweet as can be, but still quite busy at two. She's always interested in what we are doing here, frequently getting involved. She plays with her toys and she rules over our three dogs with her sharp claws and teeth. We have to tell her to stop picking on them sometimes! Even the German Shepard is respectful of her. They've all found their order of things and get along fabulously, though.
So, happy birthday kitty. I didn't want another cat after our last one died, but I am glad Aunt Bee and Chumley talked me into it!

I have had this post up for a few days, but thought I would add how this piece was done. (I just learned.)
It started out as a blue col-erase pencil sketch. Next I went back over the lines I wanted with a soft pencil. Then I scanned, filtered out the blue lines and darkened with Photoshop. Finally colored with Photoshop. Actually an easy process and there are a lot of tutorials and links on the "net" as to how to do this.
I have been teaching myself how to draw, paint and illustrate, so I thought I would share my processes with anyone wanting to know.

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