Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sketch, pen and wash Balinese Cat.

My wife, Bee, and I are going to Brooklyn, NY to see my youngest son and his wife. So, because my mobility is quite limited I am taking my sketch book, pencils and pens. That way they can park me somewhere when they are sight seeing if I can't make it.
I was going to take my watercolor field box, but apparently Bee sent the bag that my paint was in to Goodwill.
I found a travel box at the art store on sale and in my price range that I think will be ok for sketching. It is a Raphael Watercolor Travel Box, seen here.
It doesn't have a burnt umber in it so I miss that a lot.
Anyway, here is a pen and wash sketch of Balinese cat trying out my new paints.
My scanner does funny things, but I think everyone can see it.

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